Relocation can be turbulent.

We co-pilot your relo needs so the journey is smooth.

Why GL Consulting?

We know that life and business are fast-moving and relocation can bring out a complex set of dynamics that can sideline business, employee and family satisfaction along the way. As an unbiased partner that provides strategic relocation program oversight and guidance, we take an empathetic approach to help companies and relocation service providers achieve impeccable and enhanced relocation experiences, stronger relationships, and improved business outcomes.


The GL Consulting Difference

We Lead Industry Innovation: Nobody does what we do to ensure that companies, RMCs, service providers, and the end customer all have the necessary guidance and support to ensure that relocation is a positive experience.

We Have Corporate and Sales Perspective: With over 50 years combined experience in the industry, we have a broad and deep understanding of all the dynamics and unique needs that relocation brings.

We Deliver Red Carpet Service: There is nothing we will not do to ensure your problems are solved efficiently and that all parties are satisfied because they feel supported, heard, and that their needs have been met.

We Are Salt-of-the-Earth: What you see is truly what you get, and we build genuine, positive relationships that stem beyond business into real life, because we know that relocation deals with people’s lives.