Domestic in nature. Global in mindset.

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Who We Are

We are global relocation and mobility consultants that offer unbiased support for a variety of corporate, RMC and service provider needs. With over a combined 50 years in the industry, we provide the corporate perspective on a variety of projects and programs that drive efficiency, effectiveness, customer service and service provider partner results.

Mark Lozano, SCRP, GMS

Experienced and strategic global mobility, relocation & mortgage executive with a history of success leading teams through significant change and ambiguity while managing the evolution of programs. Charismatic professional with the proven ability to draw partnerships and relationships from across the globe to the table. Adept in running large, complex, and matrixed programs touching all facets of the organization while also engaging and supporting large corporate client portfolios in the industry. Delivers the highest levels of service and customer experience, while pushing the envelope of change and dynamically reinventing teams, pricing, processes, and connections.

David Gibbons

Marketing, sales, Military Mortgage Professional experience with over 25 years in the relocation and mortgage industry.

Our Experience

  • 50 years combined experience
  • Corporate Global program management
  • Managing large corporate programs
  • Rolling out red-carpet experiences around the world
  • Sales, Marketing & Relationship Management
  • Transforming programs, service and support
  • Extensive network of corporate and service provider partners
  • Negotiating large and small contracts
  • Working with employers in cities and countries around the world
  • Mortgage and banking expertise
  • Military and Veteran program leadership


Client Stories

"During a merger of two very large financial institutions, led the alignment of two different programs, teams, policies and technologies was an enormous job. Mark stepped up to the plate, took charge and ensured all the right steps occurred on time and even ahead of the deadline to make an immediate impact in the Global Relocation function. An accomplishment not done my many in such short a time-frame and saved $40MM dollars in the process!"

"Making eight different policy changes, eliminating some policy costs in some areas while building value-added benefits in others can be a challenge. Mark made it look flawless and effortless to implement the changes and have a net zero dollar impact to the company and the program."

"Looking to the future while valuing the past is sometimes easier said than done. Working with GL Consulting gives you the ability to do both and ensure vision, evolution and appreciation can all live as one to drive programs to a higher elevation and visibility within an organization."

“Leading changes, small or large, can be a challenge for any organization, group or team. Although the team Mark led was extremely strong an knowledgeable, they heavily relied on paper files and low utilization of mobility and relocation technology. Noting that HR leaned on ‘paper’ as well, Mark made it one of his missions to move the team to electronic, online files only. Within months, the team had stopped using paper files to leveraging the technology to its most productive use possible. The team became the first function in Corporate HR worldwide to be paperless well before it was what everyone was doing.”

"Evolving a program to keep up with the company and the business environment is exciting and challenging. Fixing the engine while flying the plane is possible and you need to be surrounded with the right staff and service providers. Mark orchestrated all of it flawlessly without turbulence or bumps along the way – it just happened. The team, Corporate HR and the company achieved great program success and outstanding management with Mark at the helm."

"Building relationships, engaging everyone and anyone, making all feel welcome is a huge strength of Mark and Dave. Leading the charge with GL Consulting, getting things accomplished while also building long-lasting relationships that make programs and service providers stronger is a key to success. Giving them the opportunity to provide guidance was a dream come true for how we moved our program forward."