Running in ten directions at once?

We can help you find true north.

Program Management Package

Program manager role transitioning or other changes occurring at the organization, we can step in for a short or long-term period to help. If interim, you may need us when management is transitioning, the program is expanding, leaves of absence or sabbaticals, or other changes. In an ongoing scenario, this may be more geared toward mid-size to small companies when a longer duration of support is needed. Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Managing the entire program
  • Vendor management
  • Internal program compliance,
  • SLA adherence
  • Audit and/or Supply Chain partnership,
  • Contract negotiations and amendments,
  • RFP(s)
  • Developing high-performing teams
  • Policy review and cost-saving opportunities

RFP Package

Looking to RFP for RMC, Van Line, Temp Housing, Mortgage or other category? We can help! If you need assistance from beginning to end or just help at certain pain points along the way, we can be there for you.

  • Lead the RFP process
  • Develop and/or review business questions
  • Scoring answers
  • Lead Best & Final
  • Notify personally unselected candidates
  • Contract negotiations
  • SOW Development
  • SLA Development

Groups & Group Moves Package

Never handled a group move previously or learning about confidential or pending activities? We can step in to help and support the business. Involved with short term programs and assignments, or trying to learn if they are occurring to track and report, or gain pricing leverage, we can help.

  • Pull constituents together
  • Determine logistics of origin and destination
  • Timeline development
  • Business unit needs
  • Identify special policy needs
  • Craft amended or unique policy language
  • Temporary assignments
  • Liaison to the business or services provider(s)

Communication & Engagement Planning Package

Needing to increase visibility of the program or educate the lines of business about program compliance and the value of lump sum payments vs. sign-on bonuses, and more?

  • Timeline development
  • Messaging and content development
  • High-impact communications
  • “Dog & Pony” shows to educate internal partners
  • Increasing program awareness and adherence
  • Group and group move discovery and identification
  • Temporary assignments

One-Off Services

Audit partnership, SCM partners, Contract negotiation, market & policy research, and corporate / service provider partnerships, are available at an hourly rate. Please contact us for more information.