Overwhelmed by complexities?

We help you operate like a fine-tuned watch.

Client Advisory Council

Unbiased, personal touch to help create a new advisory group or increase participation in existing councils, we are there to help.

  • Coordinate and facilitate monthly or quarterly calls
  • Facilitate Client Advisory Board Meeting(s)
  • Develop agenda and relevant content
  • Council selection
  • Ensure client engagement and participation
  • Follow up from calls and meetings
  • Monitor input for follow up and follow through from feedback

RFP Response Package

Obtain that corporate perspective you’ve always wanted or needed. Reviewing the questions from a different side of the table. Unbiased input on the responses to an RFP, whether it be for all the questions, the business questions or some combination, we can provide guidance on all.

Customer Service and Experience Review

  • Review marketing materials
  • Review website
  • Sales call corporate perspective
  • Relo process from end-to-end
  • Client experience
  • Training materials
  • Employee development